HS Hi-R 700

Pure precision

High flexibility and outstanding optical quality are the strong points of the operating microscope HS Hi-R 700. Its modular design and wide range of available accessories easy allow operation in every situation.

A full range of video cameras, recording, and displaying equipment perfectly complements the optical head. Furthermore, the choice of three types of floor stands completes the system. The 300 W xenon illumination provides high color fidelity and clear vision, even in narrow cavities and at large working distances.

Closer to reality

The spatial recognition of objects is a decisive criterion in microsurgery. For this reason, the operating microscope HS Hi-R 700 has a large 25 mm stereo base, providing realistic 3D images and an astonishing depth perception.

Better vision

The small illumination angle gives uniform light, even in narrow cavities. The illumination diaphragm controls the size of the illuminated field and decreases glare. Vision can be further improved especially when high magnification is used: For sharpening objects in different working distance the depth of field can be individually adjusted with the integrated iris diaphragm.

Less effort

The special design of the axes provides natural movement and precise positioning of the microscope. Due to electromagnetic brakes, little force is necessary to maneuver the microscope or keep it steady in position where needed.

High flexibility

The variable focus assembly permits working distances from 224 mm to 510 mm without lens exchange. Optionally an alternative focus assembly is available that allows focusing at working distances of 200 mm to 450 mm. The integrated double iris diaphragm can be used to maximize the depth of field.

Positioning made easy

Due to the large movement angles of HS Hi-R 700, all the positions you need are easy to reach. This provides best observation at just the right angle while also allowing the surgeon to adopt ergonomic posture.

Ideal for one-handed use

Thanks to the safe balancing of HS Hi-R 700, there is less need for readjustments. The 2-knob balancing mechanism is software-assisted for quick settings, allowing accessories to also be perfectly balanced. This results in a more continuous workflow and provides one-hand use in all configurations.


When working together the right accessory is needed:

  • Lateral observer scope with inclinable eyepiece head and image rotation for the assistant’s optimal comfort.
  • C.DUO offers face-to-face observation for two surgeons, lateral ports, and a separate camera connection. Eyepieces are fully rotatable for ergonomic positioning when tilting of the microscope.
  • To suit differences in height among surgeons various eyepiece heads allows best ergonomics.

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