HS 5-1000

The ultimate surgical experience

The HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL operating system HS 5-1000 consists of the SensorServo-driven microscope HS Hi-R 1000 and the extremly steady floor stand FS 5-33. The HS 5-1000 integrates latest technology to comply with the highest standards.

  • Diaphragms against glare
  • Switchable enhancer for the depth of field
  • State-of-the-art design with fully integrated modules
  • Automatic balancing
  • Long arm reach and best over-head capabilities
  • Innovative damping
  • SensoServo drive via SensoGrip
  • Bidirectional RS 232 interface for navigation
  • Computer control of all motorized functions
  • Electrical locking for parking position
  • Options for diagnosis with ICG and ALA/PPIX


The C.TAB is a 10.4" touch panel build into the tower of the floor stand
FS 5-33. Its new user interface supports intuitive operation and settings of the whole system.

Xenon light source

The two independent powerful 300 W xenon light sources allow best visibility, even in deep cavities. 

  • Quick exchange
  • Filtered light against UV and IR radiation to protect the surgeon's eyes and the patient's tissue
  • Control of light intensity via hand grip or foot switch

ALA/PPIX - The dye
5-aminolevulinic acid, abbreviated ALA, is used in neurosurgery to mark the border lines of glioblastomas, degree III and IV, as well as the infected areas adjacent to the tumor.

The microscope
The operating systems HS 20-1000 and HS 5-1000 for ALA/PPIX fluorescence feature switchable filters for

  • Illumination (blue) and
  • Observation (yellow) of the operating field

The surgeon may switch between the normal white light and the fluorescence mode. The healthy tissue is sufficiently well visible for safe surgery also in fluorescence mode.

ICG - The dye
Indocyanine green, abbreviated ICG, is used to detect vascular abnormalities. The fluorescence is visible via an IR camera.

The microscope
For visualization of infrared fluorescence, the microsurgical operating systems HS 3-1000G, HS 20-1000FG, and HS 5-1000FG include:

  • White light camera
  • Special infrared camera
  • Filters for detection of the ICG fluorescence
  • M.DIS and HS MIOS 5 for displaying the blood stream


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