High class operating microscopes made in Germany from HAAG-STREIT SURGICAL (MOELLER-WEDEL Germany)

TOMEY - уникални иновации в света на офталмологията.

Schaerer Medical is a leading manufacturer of mobile operating tables, medical accessories and special products for all surgical disciplines and fields of application.
  EMALED develops and manufactures surgical lights with LED technology
  Dermatology lasers: WONtech 755nm  Alexandrite & Nd:YAG 1064nm and other lasers and cosmetic systems
Cosmetic, aesthetic and medical lasers , CO2 lasers from  ECOMED
  asap - manufacturer of endoscopes, tv-adapters
and accessories of highest quality
"made in germany".
  The new generation video rhino laryngoscope from        orlvision GmbH (Germany)
Fiagon is an electromagnetic based surgical navigation company. 

The label “Made by OCULUS” stands for quality and reliability worldwide. High quality standards in development, production and service of ophthalmological instruments

 "Gold Standart in Anterior Segment Tomography"

The gold standard for measurement and analysis of the anterior eye segmen

RIDEX offers high quality laser systems for precision eye surgery

The mobile laser for cornea and cataract surgeons.      Complete topographic screening.

Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems

Surgical equipment for eye surgery that enables doctors and OR personnel to work in a safer, easier and more efficient way.


SDI®/BIOM® Wide Angle Viewing System, which forever changed how retinal surgeons view vitreoretinal surgery OCULUS Surgical 
Only an IOL made of first-in-class material can offer constant optic quality & improved safety from Medicontur
Rayner, the pioneering manufacturer of intraocular lenses for cataract surgery
Since the launch of its first retinal camera in 1962, Kowa has been devoted to producing the most innovative optical products and integrated technology solutions in the world.
HEINE designs and manufacturers a full range of high quality primary examination instruments for various medical specialities
Gonio, Digital Series lenses, 60/78/90 Diopter lens and many others from VOLK Optical
 LCD Charts, Auto Refracto-Keratometer and Auto Phoroptor from Veiw M Technology
Pollogen develops & markets advanced solutions for the medical aesthetics market
Newpong Prides itself as the number one esthetic medical Manufacturer in Korea.

Specular Microscopy
Color Vision | Contrast Sensitivity
Visual Electrophysiology | Pupillography

from USA

I-MED Pharma innovates and distributes medical and surgical eye care products.I-PEN®, the new standard in diagnosing dry eye.