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Surgical LED lamps



Our surgical lamps and examination lamps are developed in close collaboration between our engineers and operators and are always evolving.

EMALED medical lamps provide bright, high contrast and uniform light and can be adjusted comfortably and easily. Perfect handling with optimum illumination.

Advantages of EMALED surgical lights

EMALED surgical lights are very lightweight and compact due to reflection and filter technology. EMALED surgical lights are among the lightest and brightest medical lamps worldwide. Advantages of our surgical lamps:

  • Ideally suited for use with laminar flow ceilings (EMALED-FLOW)
  • Through our reflection technology, our surgical lights consume up to 50% less than comparable products’ bulbs
  • Optimal emergency power supply: Our surgical lights can be optionally equipped with uninterruptible backup power supply. Even in the event of a power failure, the surgery can be performed.
  • Easy to use: the surgical lights are very easy and comfortable to move.
  • No moving parts in the light body.
  • EMALED surgical lights can be optionally controlled with a remote.

With our technologies, our medical lights are very economical and provide the perfect light for surgeries and treatments.

Optimized LED technology in our medical lights

We have realized by working with operators that the use of LEDs in conjunction with our EMA filter technology offers significant benefits and implemented this in our surgical lights.

The general advantages of LED technology light sources such as

  • Low thermal output with no infrared and ultraviolet light
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance costs with the highest quality lighting and optimized in conjunction with our technologies.



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